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Messagede Ozone Griffox » 04 Fév 2005, 13:20

Hello, and welcome to Eurofurence XI!

This is our first newsletter, going out to all registered members. So far, the
demand has far exceeded our expectations. Within the first 4 weeks, we have
received more than 250 registrations, which means that we still have room for a
little more than another 100 furries. If you've got friends who want to attend,
let them know they should register soon! This year we will propably not be able
to overbook like we did last year. More news from the front:

*** Cancellations

Please note that the cancellation policy has changed since last year. There
used to be the possibility to get at least a partial refund if you
cancelled your regular or sponsor membership before the "early booking"
time ended. This is no longer possible. However, it is now allowed to
transfer your membership. That means you can give away or sell your
membership to someone else. In order to do so, BOTH PARTIES must send us an
email to confirm the transfer, and we need all the personal data of the
person the membership is supposed to be transferred to.

*** Musicians Wanted!

As you might already know, Mrs Heather Alexander (of "Black Unicorn" fame)
will be our Guest of Honour. Heather will be giving a solo concert on
Friday evening, and we are searching for "guest musicians" to back her up
during a few selected songs. That means, if you're a musician, and want to
take part, please contact and let him know what
instrument you play.

- Basic knowledge of the English language is required for communication

- All kinds of instruments wanted. We'll see what we can get together,
and sort out which instruments we can make arrangements for later.

- Your skills don't need to be perfect, but you should be good enough to
play your instrument somewhat intuitively, learn your part, and perform it
on stage without panicking too badly.

- Vocalists can apply, too, but you should have some practice in singing
the second voice, backup vocals and/or in a choir.

Again, if you want to take part, please contact We
will set up a mailing list with all applicants, and then give you some more
detailed information about how we think we can make this work :)

*** Shirt Contest is still running!

This is a reminder to all artists! Unlike in earlier years, the T-Shirt
contest has been accepting submissions since the very moment the EF
Homepage went online. We will still be accepting submissions until May 1st,
2005. That means, the contest started a whole lot earlier but will also
close much earlier than in previous years! So, be careful not to miss
the deadline!

*** Room Sharing

Some people have written us with whom they would like to share their room,
either by email, or using the "comments" field of the registration form.
Please note that we can't honour requests sent to us this way!

Eurofurence is being held in a youth hostel, and in order to make it affordable
for everyone, we have to fill every bed. So we can only provide one bed per
person, instead of renting out entire rooms like in a hotel. Still, usually,
people prefer not to sleep in a room with randomly assigned furries.

That's why we have the electronic room sharing system, through which you can
tell us with whom you would like to share a room, if you want to.

You should have received a randomly generated password with your registration
confirmatin mail. Use your nickname and this password to log in to the EF
registration system in the registration section of Then
click on the link that says "room sharing". Welcome to the room sharing system!
Now, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

yours truly,

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