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Messagede turbocarl » 30 Juin 2009, 15:58

kay I know that most english peoples on here are from europe, but I was wondering if anyone was going to AC this weekend? I'd be nice to know thought I'll be leaving tonight so I don't know if I'll see if anyone posted something on this topic xD

anyway, anyone is going? ^^
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Re: Anthrocon?

Messagede Rimou » 30 Juin 2009, 16:17

not going for this year but still hoping I'll come in the future. Have a good Anthrocon moment ! And waves to aliens from us :)
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Re: Anthrocon?

Messagede darkou » 01 Juil 2009, 05:35

me and Aoi Kitsune are currently in a hotel in NY, tomorrow we take the train to Pittsburgh and we should be at the Westin by tomorrow evening.

i'll wear a spongebob tshirt on thursday if you want to say hi
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