Bonjour :3

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Bonjour :3

Messagede JuliaLoup » 19 Juil 2014, 12:57

Salut ! :)

Here is girl who loves france. I'am 22 years old and i live in Finland. I visited france in Laval in 2009. I learn some french in when studied restaraunt cook.

My fursona is Wolf, sou i decide my nickname to Loup. But in FA and here i use JuliaLoup, because i think is easier find me in internet.
I came here because i want to meer french furs and learn french :3

Iam going to EF20. It's very nice if in there i meet some french furs :33

You can find me in FA: julialoup or/and Skybe: loupreward

See youu :3
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Re: Bonjour :3

Messagede Vanilla » 19 Juil 2014, 15:05

see ya at ef ^^
and welcome here
j'etais skyzophrene,a present nous allons mieux
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Re: Bonjour :3

Messagede darkwolf » 19 Juil 2014, 16:13

Welcome JuliaLoup
I think it's a great thing to learn a another language. Good luck.
skype: greeny
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Re: Bonjour :3

Messagede piflechien54 » 19 Juil 2014, 16:31

Welcome here :wink:
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Re: Bonjour :3

Messagede PaperDragon » 20 Juil 2014, 10:12

Welcome :)
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Re: Bonjour :3

Messagede Addranor » 20 Juil 2014, 14:28

Hi ! And welcome here ! ^^
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