Salut a tout le monde :3

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Salut a tout le monde :3

Messagede zavixs » 13 Mai 2014, 21:41

Hello everybody my name is Zavix (Ciprian IRL) I live in France since December in the Lorraine region and i found out about this website recently so i wanted to give it a try im still learning French i think i can understand it pretty much of it but im still far in having a decent conversation with someone without using google translator xD Anyway nice to meet everybody of you ^^ and i hope i will make lots of friends arround :3 Bisous :D
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Re: Salut a tout le monde :3

Messagede Cain » 13 Mai 2014, 21:54

welcome newcomer, hope you can have fun here! Have a good stay!
ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bang bang
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Re: Salut a tout le monde :3

Messagede piflechien54 » 14 Mai 2014, 13:58

Hello ;)

Welcome in Lorraine :)

if you would talk about nothing or everything :P do not hesitate to contact us ;)

see you !

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Re: Salut a tout le monde :3

Messagede Kyuu » 24 Mai 2014, 12:13


Nice to meet you. I'm just a little north of you and I'm not a native French speaker either ^^
Currently studying at university in Lille but the school year is almost up so I'll only be around for another month or so.
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Re: Salut a tout le monde :3

Messagede PaperDragon » 25 Mai 2014, 17:20

Welcome in France :) hope you are going to enjoy your stay ^^
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