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Do you want to get to know more about the french furry community and furries, or do you want to present yourself,
the specificities of the furry fandom in your country, share your activities or subjects of interest with them ?
This is the place too :) Don't be shy we'd love to hear more about you.

In this general section you should post general furry related subjects that don't fit in one of the other categories.

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Re: Amerifur Here

Messagede Cchytale Murilega » 03 Sep 2012, 19:38

Norlf a écrit:Hi dear metalhead ! Be welcome there ;)

4 harms ? How many music instrument do you play whit this ? :-o

Hehe, depends I guess :P

Ozone Griffox a écrit:Oohh I love that one :

You use your lower right hand and upper left hand for the controller. and dig for chips with your lower left :wink: *crunchcunch*

Now the silly question : are you ambidextrous ?

Yep, in all four paws.
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Cchytale Murilega
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Re: Amerifur Here

Messagede Trinidad » 05 Sep 2012, 17:55

Welcome here, bro :3
Have fun on Francefurs :wink:
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