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Messagede nanard » 29 Juin 2011, 16:46

I'm Greg, I'm Franco-belgian: P was born in brugges in Belgium and I raised in France (Lille and North suburbs of Paris). Well, I speak French sincere Fifteen years (with an accent), English, Chinese and I learn Japanese.
Usually people say my sense of humor. I do not know why people Say That Because I'm really shy! I do surprise people for sure.
I like traveling, I like meeting new people and also make new friends.
La vie ne sert à rien d'être vécue si elle n'est pas vécue comme un rêve.
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Re: hi

Messagede Fluffy » 06 Juil 2011, 11:18

Salut et bienvenue a toi :)
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Re: hi

Messagede Vix » 11 Juil 2011, 12:08


Good to see another fox about :)
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Re: hi

Messagede Shirluban » 11 Juil 2011, 13:39

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Re: hi

Messagede makasha » 21 Juil 2011, 03:50

Bonjour à toi ^.^
'' Suis la douce lune pour que tu puisses enfin t'épanouir, oh mon loup. ''

° Makasha ° -- :3
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