Any Fur With A Spare Matress/couch, Please Read!

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Any Fur With A Spare Matress/couch, Please Read!

Messagede StripeKazama » 18 Juil 2010, 20:18

The landlady is kicking me out from my fur friend's place because she dissapproved of me living here. If i'm not out by tomorrow morning, she'll kick everyone out. If there's any.. ANY fur with a bed/couch/matress that I can borrow until I am out on my own, do tell. This is an emergency. I have only until tonight to find a place for tomorrow and onwards. I don't care where it is, I'm ready to learn french if it means i'll get a place to stay. Please, if I don't have a place to stay/go to by tonight I have no fucking clue what to do.

If you know someone who could help me, please pass this on.

Please, help.


Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post it, I just really need help.
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Re: Any Fur With A Spare Matress/couch, Please Read!

Messagede Djahal » 18 Juil 2010, 20:27

An SOS message in a bottle into the sea... Give details. Where are you? Who are you? How long? You work? etc..
If you want answers, he must know how to sell.

Good luck
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